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"No Place for Plastic Saints"
"A Place for People, Puppets, and Cockroach Soup"
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OMW !!!!  The book is awesome!!  It came yesterday and I cannot put it down!!  Who knew the life of a missionary was more than love offerings and glorified extended vacations to exotic places!!    I am just at the beginning of it but I am hooked.  I brought it to work with me so I can read a few pages on my breaks.  -- Lisa



     I just now finished your book. I started just yesterday, and could hardly put it down to do other things. I laughed, sometimes had tears, and was amazed at the stories you told. Every pastor should read this book. It would give us all a much deeper appreciation for our missionaries. It definitely spoke to my heart.
     One thing (along with many other things) that was made real to me was the tremendous struggles you missionaries go through -- finances, sickness, rejection, etc. I guess to us here in the States, it looks a little too glamorous to some. Having spent time with missionaries in their homes overseas, I knew a little better, but your book additionally impacted me on the dedication it takes to be a missionary.
    You have done a great service to the body of Christ in writing this book.
No Place for Plastic Saints  is "a must read"!  Bless you!  --Dave Arnold, Pastor New Port Richey, Florida

The little house in Chile, South America, where Margaret Register lives with her husband, Joe, and their two small children, Christy and Timmy, protects them from the freezing rain. But nothing can protect them from an envious co-worker determined to destroy their ministry. An earthquake later, Margaret and her family transfer to the hot, humid country of Paraguay where there are no traffic lights or stop signs. She sees chicken feet in soup and eats orange, tongue-like strips from spiny, green seafood. Through pain, through tears, through anger and through disillusionment, Margaret realizes that she does not want to be a “plastic saint”—one who is brittle and hollow and stuck in neutral. Transparent with her pain, Margaret leads us through laughter and tears, through victories, disappointments, and miracles, along her journey to meet the challenge of real life on the mission field.


Why in the world would such a creative person as Margaret Register dedicate her life to spreading the Gospel so far from home? There has to be a story behind that! There is one, and it’s contained in this marvelous book you now hold in your hands. You’re about to get blessed—so, get ready!

–Dan Betzer (Pastor / Byline Television Host / Revivaltime Radio Speaker / Dan & Louie Puppet Duo)

I just finished your book—great stories!  It has textbook lessons for young missionaries on how to maintain your ministry under difficult national pastors, fend off perverts on a public bus, laugh until the tears come, and perhaps most importantly, how to follow God’s leading as a couple.  You are truly a couple of missionaries, not a missionary and his wife.  Thanks for your willingness to be open and candid with all your experiences, not just the good times. --L.H.

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