Margaret Register
"No Place for Plastic Saints"
"A Place for People, Puppets, and Cockroach Soup"
  both books available at in printed and eBook form
What are these books about? Who is Margaret?

 Margaret met Joe at Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida, 'way back in 1960. They became missionaries in 1967.

With the credo, “Serving the Lord Is an Adventure,” Margaret Register and her husband, Joe, set out for the mission field in 1968. Born in the Midwest into a Methodist pastor’s home, Margaret grew up knowing about God and His provision. But during thirty-eight years of missionary service, she faced challenges that severely tested her faith. She also witnessed incredible miracles as people were transformed through faith in Christ.
As a retreat speaker in both English and Spanish, Margaret has told the stories in these books to hundreds of women and girls, and some of the stories have been published in religious magazines.
You will laugh at a number of these anecdotes, but others will bring tears to your eyes.
In 2005, Margaret and Joe retired from foreign missions and now make their home in
Florida where they continue to minister in both English and Spanish.




Margaret's "First Reader's" Circle is excited about the publication of this book!

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