Margaret Register
"No Place for Plastic Saints"
"A Place for People, Puppets, and Cockroach Soup"
  both books available at in printed and eBook form

A Place for People, Puppets, and Cockroach Soup: Pioneering Delightfully Over-the-Top and Seriously Under-Budgeted Christian TV Productions

Joe and Margaret Register arrived back in the States with only a dream. After ten years as missionaries in Chile and Paraguay, South America, they wanted to produce a television talk show in Spanish. But, the TV equipment Joe used was sold out from under him. And his TV host left for greener pastures. How could Joe, with no money, begin a first-time-ever ministry of Spanish Television and Radio? Joe did not even consider doing a show for children. Not at first.

They did not know how to build sets, run cable, operate cameras, develop "characters" or write scripts. They learned by trial and error, with a budget always stretched to the limit. But God gave creative ideas and sent gifted volunteers and delightful puppets. The result was "El Lugar Secreto" (The Secret Place), a series of award-winning shows for Spanish-speaking children which is broadcast on fourteen satellites into 200 countries.

These true stories display funny, heart-warming, and amazing events as God’s grace and wisdom astound Joe and Margaret.

From language study in Mexico to the country of Chile, and later in Paraguay, Margaret, in her first book, “No Place for Plastic Saints,” recounts vividly an earthquake and many other unusual happenings (including dead bodies, chicken feet, and outhouses). There, Joe and Margaret began a very successful television ministry that would eventually reach all of Latin America (the story she tells in this book, "A Place for People, Puppets, and Cockroach Soup").

AVAILABLE: in printed or eBook form through Amazon and other retailers

Margaret and Joe served Latin America as missionaries for 38 years. They retired from Foreign Missions in 2005 and now make their home in Florida where they continue to minister in both English and Spanish.


Plastic Saints: my definition


The plastic saint stands in front of others and looks good.

She (or he) says the right things. She smiles at the right time and sheds a tear as needed for effect.

But she is brittle one-on-one.

She finds it difficult to stoop over to kiss the wounded.

Her very hollowness (which could contain the joys and sorrows of others) remains vacant and unattached.

She is not evil. She is neutral.

She fears being transparent, and thus, vulnerable.

She does not realize that God stands poised, hand outstretched, to touch, to humanize, to soften the plastic saint—just as soon as she breaks, melts, wants to begin the long journey toward

 becoming Christ-like.


Sopa Paraguaya

(Paraguayan cornbread)

Oven 450 degrees                          Bake for about 25 minutes


3 cups of Martha White cornbread mix (check the label to be sure it is white cornmeal)

6 eggs, beaten

1 3/4 cup milk (non-fat works fine)

1 lb Monterrey Jack cheese, cubed (about 1/2 inch cubes)

3/4 cup oil (I use Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

4 cups chopped onions (about 2 very large onions)



1. Grease a 9x13 glass baking dish. (olive oil)

2. Chop onions.

3. Preheat the oven.

4. Sauté onions in the 3/4 cup of oil and leave on stove.

5. Cube cheese into 1/2 inch cubes. (Do not use shredded cheese. It will disappear and the secret of this good cornbread is the melted cheese-chunks inside.)

6. Measure cornmeal into a large bowl.

7. In a separate bowl, beat eggs. Add milk.

8. Pour milk mixture into cornmeal, all at once, beating with whisk to eliminate lumps.

9. Add cubes of cheese.

10. Pour hot oil/onion mixture into the cornmeal batter. Quickly, mix well. Pour into greased pan.

11. Bake at 450 about 20 - 25 minutes, until golden brown and knife inserted in middle comes out clean. Scrumptious!

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